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Truly Affordable Proofreading and Editing Services

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Benefits of Working with Magnum Proofreading

Affordable Proofreading ServicesMagnum Proofreading offers remarkably low rates.

Our cheapest service costs only 0.55¢ per word. This means you can have an 80,000-word book proofread for $440.00. This is much less than what you would pay at Scribendi ($1,311.69), PaperTrue ($2,144.40), Wordy ($2,880.00), or other companies.

Affordable English Proofreading ServicesMagnum Proofreading specializes in editing work by ESL authors.

Produce eloquently-written content even if your English is not great. Magnum Proofreading has helped many non-native English speakers get their work accepted by English-speaking publishers and academic journals.

Affordable Editing ServicesMagnum Proofreading does more than just proofreading.

Magnum Proofreading’s service goes beyond simply making sure your work has no errors. We can also polish your work so that it reads as though it were produced by a professional writer.

Affordable Proofreading and Editing ServicesMagnum Proofreading uses a risk-free ordering process.

Absolutely no payment is required until your work has been proofread. Also, you have the option of paying through PayPal to ensure your security.

Editing Service Satisfaction GuaranteeAll editing performed by Magnum Proofreading is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Your project is not considered complete until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.

Cheap Proofreading Services Free SampleMagnum Proofreading offers free samples.

We want to make sure you are happy with the service you’ll be getting before you commit to hiring us. As such, you are entitled to a free sample when you place an order.

Our Story

Big proofreading companies charge at least $0.02 per word for their services. This is true even of companies that claim to be “affordable.” However, many authors cannot afford these rates. Such authors must choose to either publish sub-par work or delay publishing until they have saved enough money.

Magnum Proofreading is changing this. Unlike most businesses, Magnum Proofreading’s main objective is not to generate as much profit as possible. Our goal is to help writers — including those with small proofreading budgets — produce the best work they can. Our customizable proofreading services allow you to choose what kinds of changes you need your proofreader to make. This way, you never pay for more than you need.

Magnum Proofreading opened for business in 2017 with the needs of low-income authors in mind. Nearly two years later, we have helped many students, researchers, and authors produce hundreds of eloquently-written and error-free essays, PhD theses, academic journal articles, and books. We are very proud to have done this while charging as little as 25% of what large proofreading companies charge their clients.

Whether you’ve produced a scientific article that you’re hoping to have accepted by an academic journal or you’ve spent countless hours working on a novel, we understand how important your writing is to you. That means it’s important to us, too! We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Jake Magnum
Owner of Magnum Proofreading