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Magnum Proofreading | Truly Affordable Proofreading Services

You’ve just completed a great piece of writing. Perhaps you’ve finished writing a research article to be submitted to an academic journal, or maybe you’ve written a novel that you want to self-publish. You want to make sure your work contains zero errors before you submit or publish your work. However, you can’t justify paying the standard professional proofreader’s fees.

Magnum Proofreading was made for writers like you — writers who need a professional yet affordable proofreading service.

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Take advantage of Magnum Proofreading’s key features:

Cheap Proofreading Service Low RatesMagnum offers remarkably low rates.

Pay as little as 0.25¢ per word ($2.50/1,000 words). Save up to 90% on your proofreading cost.

Cheap Proofreading Service ESLMagnum specializes in proofreading work by ESL authors.

Produce eloquently-written content even if your English is not great. Get your work accepted by English-speaking academic journals.

Cheap Proofreading Service Fast TurnaroundMagnum guarantees twenty-four-hour turnarounds.

Magnum Proofreading guarantees completion times of twenty-four hours or less. (This guarantee applies only when you order the Express Service. Your document must contain no more than 20,000 words.)

Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service Secure PaymentsMagnum uses a risk-free ordering process.

No payment is required until your work has been proofread. Make your payment through PayPal to ensure your security.

Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service Satisfaction GuaranteeMagnum’s proofreading service is backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Your project is not considered complete until you are 100% satisfied with the finished product.


Magnum offers several options to meet your time and budget requirements.


Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service - Standard ServiceStandard Proofreading Service

This is the most commonly requested of Magnum’s services. Your document will be proofread at the standard speed of up to 12,500 words per day. The cost for this service is 0.45¢ per word (about $1.15 per page). This service is recommended if your document contains over 15,000 words. This is also the best choice if your document is short, but you need it in less than forty-eight hours.

Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service - Economic ServiceEconomic Proofreading Service

Your work will be proofread at an average of 5,000 words per day. The cost for this service is 0.35¢ per word (about $0.85 per page). This service is ideal for small projects that are not urgent. This is also a good choice if you have a large project but need the cheapest rate possible.

Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service - Express ServiceExpress Proofreading Service

You are guaranteed that your document will be edited at a rate of at least 20,000 words per day. (Often, work is completed faster than this.) At 0.65¢ per word (about $1.65 per page), the cost for this service is still well below the industry average. This service is for you if your work absolutely must be proofread as soon as possible.

Cheap Proofreading and Editing Service - English Speaker ServiceProofreading Service for Native English Speakers

If you speak English fluently, your work will likely contain few errors, making it easy to proofread. Accordingly, you can submit your work to be proofread for 0.25¢ per word (about $0.65 per page). The turnaround time for this service is quite short, at up to 25,000 words per day.

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See how inexpensive it can be to have your work proofread by a professional.

To cover payment processing charges, the minimum fee for any order is $5.00.

The minimum turnaround for Economic Service orders is two days.

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Turnarounds vary depending on the number of customers being helped at any given time. Thus, the best way to place an order is to send an email to You will be advised you on which service will give you the best value for your needs. You will also be given a definite date of completion and exact cost.

In your email, please include your name and email address, the approximate word count of your document, and which of the proofreading services listed above you would prefer. To get the most efficient service possible, you are encouraged to also attach your document to the email.

For a full rundown on how placing an order works, including information on making a payment, please refer to the FAQ page.


Magnum Proofreading is perfect for ESL authors of essays, theses, dissertations, journal articles, and more.

Magnum’s services are ideal for authors who do not speak English as a first language. Magnum Proofreading specializes in proofreading academic pieces for authors who need to improve the grammar and syntax of their work before submitting or publishing it.

Of course, Magnum’s service is also a great choice for any academic or non-academic piece of writing that simply needs another set of eyes to catch any mistakes.

Magnum Proofreading fixes all English and formatting errors.

Your document will be edited twice for errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, word choice, mechanics (e.g., font size consistency, paragraph indentations, etc.), references, and more.

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