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Magnum Proofreading strives to offer proofreading services that are not only affordable but that meet or exceed the quality you would receive from large editing companies. We are very proud to have received many beaming reviews, including those given here.

Please note that these customer testimonials have not been proofread or altered as to preserve their genuineness.


“I couldn’t be more impressed with the service I have received so far and the attention that has been given to my books. As an author who writes fast I needed an editor who could keep at the same pace as me. This is what I found here as I received a fast, professional service of high level quality work I knew I could rely on. I will definitely keep coming back. I have been truly well taken care of and received great customer service and care, which I am very grateful for.”

– Khardine

“Magnum Proofreading is truly one of a kind in its mission and helping writers to improve their essay/papers. I was always looking for a nice English editing service that proofreads and corrects my manuscripts before submitting and found this website really helpful. This very cheap service is really nice for those young and non-native researchers in the last steps of submitting their papers to journals. I am totally happy with its cost, professional commitment and fast interaction.”

– Alireza

“I have been consistently impressed with Magnum’s attitude and productivity. I sent a PhD manuscript and in a few days it was edited with a very high academic standard. And the cost for this service is the best I have found. Perfect!!!”

– Davide

“Jake Magnum is a wonderful and experienced editor who has not only edited my novel but also helped to develop my plot. He worked on my novel beyond what I expected. Despite the stylistic edit he provided for an easy flow of conversations, he still kept to the time scheduled. I therefore recommend his services without a doubt for authors who wish to edit their works.”

– Fortune

“I always worry about my writing and I end up not sharing my ideas at all. Magnum helped me to be more confident because I know that my work is readable. I appreciate the work that they do. I am not hindered anymore by my anxiety and can now concentrate on what I wish to convey because I could rely on the assistance of Magnum for proofreading.”

– Patricia

“I did not expect such dedication, effort, and attention to details. Their knowledge and understanding of the science texts was really impressive. The texts are perfectly edited, fast and very affordable. I will definitely call them again for help with my manuscripts.”

– Lara

“Jake at Magnum Proofreading did a stupendous job looking over my book manuscript. In addition to finding standard punctuation errors, he also provided clear explanations and sources for why he recommended certain changes. Thank you!!”

– Kara

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