The life of an international university student can be very stressful. You’re away from your family and friends, you have professors throwing assignments and deadlines at you from all angles. Money can be tight. And then you’re asked to write an essay. Writing an essay is hard enough when you’re a native speaker of the language you’re writing in. When you have to write in another language, the task can seem almost impossible.

It takes an international student a lot longer than a native speaker to edit their essay because they need to do a lot more research to make sure they’ve used the right phrases to express their ideas. Many students simply don’t have this much time.

Fortunately, there’s Magnum Proofreading. While we won’t write your essay for you or paraphrase to avoid plagiarism (that’s cheating!), we can lighten your workload by making sure that every sentence in your paper will make sense to a native English speaker.


Why should you hire Magnum Proofreading Services?

· We offer highly competitive rates for students, starting at just 0.5¢ per word.

· We will ensure that your paper won’t lose marks because of poor grammar.

· We can provide you with a free proofreading certificate.

When you order our essay proofreading service, we will resolve any language-related errors, including:

· Spelling mistakes

· Egregious grammatical errors

· Incorrect punctuation

· Advanced language issues (e.g., ambiguity, wordiness, vagueness)

· Sentences with unclear meanings

· Sentences that need to be restructured to improve readability

· Inconsistencies

Please visit our Services & Rates page for full details about our proofreading services.