You’ve spent the last year (or longer) working on your dissertation or thesis, the culmination of your academic career. You’ve labored for countless hours to produce valuable work. However, you’re worried that your lack of mastery of the English language might prevent your work from having the impact it should.

That’s where Magnum Proofreading comes in. We have helped hundreds of non-native-English-speaking PhD candidates and master’s students produce perfectly written dissertations and theses, and we want to help you too. There is nothing more rewarding that hearing that we have helped someone achieve their academic goals.


Why should you hire Magnum Proofreading Services?

· We offer highly competitive rates for PhD candidates, starting at just 0.5¢ per word.

· We can ensure that your writing is easily understood by your audience.

· We can increase your chances of having your dissertation published in a scholarly journal.

· We can provide you with a free dissertation or thesis proofreading certificate.

When you order our research article proofreading service, we will resolve any language-related errors, including:

· Spelling mistakes

· Egregious grammatical errors

· Incorrect punctuation

· Advanced language issues (e.g., ambiguity, wordiness, vagueness)

· Sentences with unclear meanings

· Sentences that need to be restructured to improve readability

· Inconsistencies

Please visit our Services & Rates page for full details about our proofreading services.