Terms of Service

After Magnum Proofreading makes changes to the customer’s document, the customer is free to make further changes to the document. Thus, Magnum Proofreading retains no rights to and holds no responsibility for any part of any published work for which it has provided service.

Magnum Proofreading has the right to deny service to a customer or to cancel a customer’s order for any reason. Reasons for denied or canceled orders may include, but are not limited to, highly offensive content, hostile emails, and negative experiences with a customer (e.g. extremely delayed payment for a previous order).



The rates on magnumproofreading.com are given in US dollars. However, payments are requested and made in Canadian dollars. Fees are based on the exchange rate given on XE.com at the time of billing.

The fee that appears on the customer’s invoice is based on a word count that is confirmed by Magnum Proofreading when the customer’s order is placed. It is strongly advised that the customer verifies that he or she is satisfied with the word count given on his or her invoice prior to making a payment. Upon making a payment, the customer agrees that the word count confirmed by Magnum Proofreading, as displayed on the customer’s invoice, is correct.


Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations should be requested by sending an email to JakeMagnum@magnumproofreading.com. The email should include the customer’s order number and should clearly express the customer’s wish to have the order canceled (the customer is not obliged to give a reason for canceling). The customer’s order will be canceled immediately upon reception of this email.

If the customer has not yet made any payment to Magnum Proofreading, they are not required to make any payment after canceling their order.

If the customer has decided to pay for their order up-front, upon canceling their order, the customer may be eligible to have a portion of their payment refunded, as outlined below.

If at least 10% of the customer’s project has been proofread, the customer will be refunded a percentage of their payment equal to the unedited portion of their project. If the project is less than 10% complete, the customer will have 90% of their payment refunded upon canceling.

If any part of a customer’s document has been proofread before the customer cancels their orer, the customer will receive a partially-proofread document. The percentage of proofread text in this document will be equal to the percentage of the customer’s total fee that was not refunded.

For example, if a customer’s total fee was $200.00 and the customer canceled the order when twenty percent of the document had been proofread, this customer would receive a refund of eighty percent of their bill ($160.00). The customer, having paid twenty percent of the total fee, would receive a document for which twenty percent of the text has been proofread.


Completed Projects

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to Magnum Proofreading. As such, Magnum backs all of its work with a satisfaction guarantee — any customer who is not fully satisfied with the work performed by Magnum will be entitled to a free additional service upon expressing his or her dissatisfaction.

To receive an additional proofreading, the customer must send an email to JakeMagnum@magnumproofreading.com which identifies specifically how Magnum Proofreading failed to provide adequate service as outlined on Magnum Proofreading’s services page. All claims of this nature must be made within thirty days of the day on which the completed project was emailed to the customer.

Once a completed project has been emailed to a customer, the customer is not eligible to receive a refund of any kind.


Customer Privacy Policy

Information Collected by Magnum Proofreading

In the interest of customer privacy, Magnum Proofreading collects as little information as possible from its customers. The only pieces of personal information required when placing an order are the customer’s name and email address. These are collected for communication purposes during the proofreading process (for example, if additional information about the document is required to provide adequate service) and to notify the customer when a project requires a payment or has been completed. Customers’ personal information are not shared with any third parties. Documents submitted by customers are not shared with anyone other than freelancers working for Magnum Proofreading.

Magnum Proofreading keeps copies of customers’ invoices on file electronically for an indefinite period of time for tax and audit purposes.

Magnum Proofreading retains electronic copies of customers’ documents and emails for thirty days after a project has been completed in case of disputes regarding Magnum’s service. If a customer does not wish for Magnum Proofreading to retain these, Magnum Proofreading will honor this request. Upon making such a request, however, the customer waives any right to dispute the service provided by Magnum Proofreading and will be unable to have additional work completed to their document without providing further payment.

Magnum Proofreading never makes physical copies of customers’ information, documents, or emails.


Payment Information

All payments to Magnum Proofreading are made via PayPal. Magnum Proofreading does not see or handle any payment information, such as credit card numbers and bank account data.


Security Policy

The system on which Magnum Proofreading operates is protected by a regularly-updated firewall.

Magnum Proofreading operates on a secure internet connection that is not accessible to the public. Magnum Proofreading never operates on public internet connections.

Magnum Proofreading’s website and the information of its customers are kept private by McAfee SSL-certified security.