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Magnum’s Blog ( is a growing virtual library that offers writers free self-proofreading tips. Articles range from simple discussions about things like commonly confused words to in-depth lessons on topics such as how the various parts of speech in the English language operate.

Take Advantage of These Other Free Resources

For even more information, go ahead and visit any of the high-quality free sites listed below:*
Capitalize My Title is an excellent source if you are unsure whether any given word in a title should be capitalized. Simply enter your text, and the site will generate a properly capitalized title.
Daily Writing Tips ( is an excellent resource for strong writers who want to deepen their understanding of the English language. This site’s contributors really know their stuff. Some of their material must be paid for, but their free daily online articles are great.

English Forums ( is a great site if you have a question you would like to ask about the English language. Even if you do not have a specific question to ask, simply reading through the forums and articles on this site can be very educational.

Grammar Girl ( has some good advice on grammar and some interesting factoids about how language works and how it changes. The information is presented in a conversational blog format which should be refreshing for those who find textbook-style writing too dry to be enjoyed.

Grammarly’s Handbook ( has several easy-to-understand articles that tackle basic and intermediate-level grammar topics. For those who can speak and write English fluently, but who freely admit that their grammar is not all that great, this resource should be very helpful.

Grammarphobia’s Blog ( has a lot of informative articles about the subtleties of the English language that will interest grammar enthusiasts.

The Purdue OWL ( helps students ensure they are writing in an academic tone and offers advice on how to properly cite sources and write reference pages in several styles.

Stack Exchange ( has an English Language & Usage site which has answers to a lot of questions that you cannot find simply by doing a Google search.

ThoughtCo ( has a really interesting and informative English grammar section, which I personally enjoy reading.
*The links given here are to third-party websites. Magnum Proofreading has no official affiliation with, or any kind of control over, any of these websites.