Grammarly Sometimes Suggests Word Changes that Make No Sense


Posted by Jake Magnum | January 1, 2018 | Grammarly Flaws


I was using Grammarly to inspect a book I was working on for a client recently. The main characters of the book were a group of widows, but, for some reason, Grammarly really wanted them to be windows.

Many times, I had to ignore Grammarly’s suggestion to make changes such as the following:

Self-Proofreading Advice - Grammarly Flaws - Word Choice

Such suggestions are clearly wrong and, for native English speakers, are nothing more than a nuisance. However, Grammarly may trick non-native English speakers whose English vocabulary is not great into changing a correct word into an incorrect one.

So, be careful when taking Grammarly’s suggestions to change words which “don’t seem to fit the context”. I’d hate to see anyone turn into a window after losing their husband.