Grammarly Does Not Notice When Spaces Are Missing Between Sentences


Posted by Jake Magnum | January 15, 2018 | Grammarly Flaws


Recently, I used Grammarly to check an email. According to Grammarly, there were no errors. This is indicated by the screenshot of an excerpt from the email below.

Grammarly Flaws Spaces

When I looked at this, though, I found an error. (You may have noticed it as well).

These two sentences had no space between them. Fortunately, such a thing is easy to spot. Still, instances like this remind us why it is imprudent to rely on an online grammar-checker. These electronic systems cannot find everything. They often miss the most basic of errors.

If you use Grammarly to check your emails for mistakes, be sure to look for missing spaces yourself. Also, you will want to verify that there are no other mistakes that Grammarly doesn’t find.