Grammarly Does not Always Notice When a Letter is in the Wrong Case


Posted by Jake Magnum | January 8, 2018 | Grammarly Flaws


Apparently, Grammarly does not know when an uppercase or lowercase letter should be used. This is a crucial flaw. Letters in the wrong case easily strike readers as incorrect and make a writer look bad.

I typed the following sentence into Grammarly. No errors were identified.

Grammarly Mistake - Capitalization

In this example, Grammarly correctly analyzed only one word–was. This is a rare case in which Microsoft Word’s spell checker outperforms Grammarly. Word at least identified the capital C in o’Clock as a mistake.

Clearly, automatic grammar checkers are not reliable for finding capitalization errors. The only way to ensure that such errors are corrected is for a human to carefully go through the document.