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About Magnum Proofreading


Since 2017, Magnum Proofreading has perfected the writing of hundreds of low-income students, researchers, and authors. We are very proud to have helped our clients get their books, essays, PhD theses, and other works published while charging under 25% of what our competitors charge.


My journey as a professional proofreader began in 2016 after I wrote a book on cribbage strategy (Cribbage: A Strategy Guide for Beginners) as a hobby during evenings and on my lunch breaks at my job at a home appliances warehouse. I had been looking for a career change for some time; upon realizing that I enjoyed editing my book even more than writing it, I was certain that I wanted a career in proofreading and editing. Furthermore, after being unable to find a good proofreader who charged less than $0.01 per word, I knew I wanted to help those whose writing careers are still young and who need a truly affordable proofreading service.

Less than six months after making these decisions, I quit my job and focused on my new career goals. Living off my savings, I pursued education beyond my Bachelor of Arts degree, read any book I could find on English grammar, developed my business plan, and created my website in preparation for the launch of Magnum Proofreading, which took place on June 14, 2017. Since then, I have had the pleasure of working with authors from all over the globe, from my home country of Canada, to Chile, to India, to New Zealand, and many other countries in between.

Whether you’ve produced a research article that you’re hoping to have accepted by an academic journal, or you’ve spent countless hours working on your first novel, I understand how important your writing is to you. That means it’s important to me, too!


– Jake Magnum

Owner of Magnum Proofreading


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