About Magnum’s Cheap Proofreading Service

About Magnum’s Mission to Be a Viable Low-Cost Proofreading Option for All Writers

Magnum Proofreading is an independent proofreading service for self-published authors who require an affordable option for their proofreading needs. Magnum’s primary goals are to be renowned as a viable low-cost alternative to large proofreading sites and to be known as a high-quality free resource center for writers.

To have 100,000 words proofread by a major proofreading company can cost over $2,000. Understanding that not all authors are willing or able to pay such a large sum, I decided to use my experience and skills to help independent authors by providing them with a truly affordable proofreading service. I take great pride in being able to charge my clients as little as $250 to have 100,000 words proofread.

Magnum Proofreading does not aspire to one day become a large company that can charge people thousands of dollars to have their work proofread. My modest goal is to help self-published writers produce professional-quality content on a small budget.

Magnum Proofreading also helps authors who would rather improve their own editing skills than pay for a proofreader. I offer free self-proofreading tips on Magnum’s Blog. I also direct writers to several other sites that offer high-quality (and free) information. The free resources are also great learning tools for people (regardless of whether they are writers) who do not speak English as their first language and want to learn about how the English language works.

Magnum Proofreading is all about helping writers improve their work without the need to make a huge financial commitment.

If you have any further questions about Magnum Proofreading, take a look at Magnum’s FAQ page or, if you would prefer, you can always send me an email at JakeMagnum@magnumproofreading.com

Thank you for your interest in Magnum Proofreading.


Jake Magnum
Magnum Proofreading